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Apostolos Mountrichas

He is the "brains" and the "soul" of the estate
Apostolos Mountrichas was born in Athens and grew up at Mytikas, Llilantium. He is an Economist, graduate of Department of Economics, University of Athens. However, he had always been interested in wine producing as it was his family's tradition. So after university he studied Oenology at the 'Greek Wine Academy' taught by Dr Argyris Tsakiris and at 'Oenos Agapitos' by Dr Dimitri Hatzinikolaou.
He is the man thanks to whom the wines produced have had such a success for 15 years. He is the 'brains' and the 'soul' of the estate. In 2006 he was a candidate for best Greek winemaker of the year. He is married to Oenologist Lenga Grigoriadou they have two children, and they both work hard to make their dream come true - the production of high quality wines and the revival of vineyards in Evia.